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SPOTLIGHT: Moxx Special and Delays On New Figures

While it's amazing to see so many of our competitors stubbornly charging more robust prices on Character Options toys, we began discussing if we were doing enough for our own customers. Yes, we try to keep a leash on what we charge, but we decided to create another opportunity for savings. Many of you make larger purchases, and here's a situation where we're going to work with you for savings. Just order $100.00 or more [EDIT TO ADD, 8/17/2007: on any and all items on our Web site, not just toys!], and while supplies last you can add a Moxx of Balhoon figure (limit 2 per customer) for only $4.99 more! Beat our competitors' pricing, then get this figure below half retail price!

One more bit of news....

Character Options' US distributor has been off their scheduled dates to deliver many items to us, and they haven't been available for comment in some weeks. While we try to find out what is going on, we're removing "expected" release dates on their merchandise from our site, because, frankly, we've no idea anymore what to expect. When we finally hear back from them, we'll see what's appropriate to post for expectations. Until that time, we don't want anyone to feel misled when estimates we provide are just far off the mark. Right now, we no longer have a sense of what is going on or why, even though we did just receive new items in the past few days. It'll probably be addressed in the next few days, but it's gone on long enough that we have a responsibility to adjust the information we're providing at this point.

Thanks for your understanding!

--Michael & Patty