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SPOTLIGHT: 2000AD Magazines And More

Comics magazines... something that might appeal to you folks!

We recently acquired a collection of 2000A.D. Weekly, Eagle & Tiger, Judge Dredd, Captain Britain, and Action Force magazines from Britain - NOT the Marvel reprints - and have given them their own page.

We'd no clue how to price them so we've no idea if we're sitting on 30-year-old good cheap reads, or on a stash that could pay off our mortgage.

So take a peek at our 2000AD magazines page, buy us out and rob us blind! ;-)

[Sorry if this is a repeat for some of you - we thought we'd posted about it here before, but if we did, it got deleted accidentally.]

Thanks, as always, for your support.

----------Michael & Patty



Possible Pricing Info may be found here:


Hope that helps a bit.


Re: Info

Hello Joe:

Thanks for passing this along!

While we had seen that page, and actually used it as some measure of a guideline, it seems out of date. (I'd be paying more than $15 for a NM Judge Dredd prog 1 if someone was offering!) Nonetheless, we want these to be a bargain for someone out there who will read and enjoy and give these a good home.

Perhaps these are even worth trading for other issues someone has, perhaps as part of a larger transaction.

We're fortunate enough to have acquired a collection like this one...which I think is fairly rare in the US market, and we haven't had anything remotely like it presented to us in something like 25 years. I'll hope if someone else takes a look at the price list you linked they'll see some things here are worth the price of admission for a classic series and a good read.

We went ahead and added just a few more titles we'd accumulated over the years as well, usually right around what we'd paid for those when they were released (talking about the Aliens and Star Wars mags of the 1990's).

Again, thanks for providing the link...and we hope with this additional evidence that we're on the low side of the price spectrum we'll have someone take shameless advantage of this opportunity fairly soon...we'll be more than happy to make people happy with a special find at a special price!

Best regards,
Michael Salvo