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EDITORIAL: If You Don't See It, Feel Free To Ask!

We have a lot of different merchandise on our Web site, not just DOCTOR WHO titles.

And we can GET far more than we will ever have the capacity to list on our Web site.

We carry merchandise from many science fiction & fantasy fandoms... ANDROMEDA, BLAKE'S 7, BABYLON 5, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, FARSCAPE, DARK SHADOWS, QUANTUM LEAP, SAPPHIRE & STEEL, QUATERMASS, THE TOMORROW PEOPLE, THE PRISONER, just to name a few. And we have access to DVD titles in many, many other fandoms... HIGHLANDER, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, MILLENIUM, V are just a few that spring to mind. Oh, and STAR TREK.... can't forget them.

Plus we are readers. We have collective knowledge and reading lists of hundreds of authors, not just those you see on our Books link at the very bottom of the main page.

Essentially, what we're trying to say is that our ability to fill your want list is far more extensive than what you see on our Web site. We have access to wholesalers for books and for video products. Non-genre movies are easy for us to obtain, and we can get nearly any book - F/SF, horror, mystery or not - that Amazon can get. And we have far more imagination and drive to stock our shelves than Circuit City or Best Buy has. In addition, we're working on sources for unabridged audiobooks and music CDs.

Give us a try. Let *us* be your source for George R.R. Martin books and for JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED collections on DVD, for anything you've been holding out for someone to pluck off your Amazon wishlist.

Thanks, as always, for your support.

----------Michael & Patty