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ANNOUNCEMENT: Price Break & New Releases on Blake's 7

As we start now to make purchases to gear up for Holiday sales, we just got a bonus from B7 Media to pass along on the new Blake's 7 series. They're not only producing an incredible series, but they genuinely want to help put them into the hands of a new generation of listeners, and they're backing their words with deeds....

As of September 4, 2007, the new US price for their 1CD titles is $15.98, down from $20.00. So, the price on episodes 1 & 2 have been dropped by over $4 each!

Also, we just received the third Blake's 7 episode and slipcases to hold all three Season One releases. Because episode three contains both an audio (story) CD and a CD-ROM (with interviews and other features), the $27.98 price couldn't be cut any further. However, because of the price breaks on episodes 1 & 2, the retail price on the Season One set with a newly created slipcase remains at $59.98, and has one more disc than originally planned for the same price!

For any North American customer who purchased either or both of the first two audios separately at the $20 price and are completing the set, we will be offering a price adjustment so you benefit from the price changes. Please feel free to remind us of your previous order in case we don't have the information handy.

Thanks, as always, for your continuing support. Having customers like we have is exactly the reason we're able to work to lower prices, and the reputation you give us is the reason we've been able to get and keep the Blake's 7 audios in the US market. We're nothing without you all.

-------Michael & Patty