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SPOTLIGHT, 12 September 2007: Hello and welcome!

If you've found us through our ad on Dominic Deegan, please say hello in the comments!

We're proud of our science fiction audio, video, and toy lines, but we also carry many other nifty things...

  • Books for children and young adults

  • Gaming supplies and miniatures

  • Fantasy greeting cards

  • Just to name a few of our product lines.

    And yes, we do carry an extensive comics backlist, the cataloguing of which is still in progress, so if you don't see something, do ask.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    -------Michael & Patty


    OMG, The Phantom Tollbooth. That's the book that made me want to read when I was a kid.

    Out of curiosity, where did you get those K-9 emoticons?
    1] It's a great, great book.

    2] The K-9 mood icons came from http://www.tetrap.com/lj, as stated on our Profile page, and are used with permission. They also have Dalek moods and Cybermat moods.