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NEW ARRIVALS, 17 September 2007.

We've gotten in a large shipment of items from the Character Options line of Doctor Who toys. We'll save you from scrolling through lots of pictures this time around, and will instead just list what we've gotten in.

If you need visual reference, please feel free to look at the Toys page.

Today's shipment includes:

  • 5-inch separate figures from Series Three:

    Judoon Captain * Martha Jones * Manhattan) Dalek Thay
    Dalek Sec Hybrid * Scarecrow One (Brown Tie)
    Scarecrow Two (Grey Tie) * Brannigan

  • Six-pack 5-inch figure assortments from Series One and Series Three

  • Ten-pack 5-inch figure assortments from Series One, Series Two, and Series Three

  • The Satan Pit Gift Pack

  • The Flight Control TARDIS

  • The Judoon Electronic Voice Changer Helmet

  • A resupply of the Dalek Money Banks

  • Please be in touch if there are any items you'd like us to put aside for you for the upcoming winter holidays.

    Thanks, as always, for your support.

    ---------Michael & Patty