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UPDATE: Doctor Who Bonus CDs

We've just heard from Big Finish about the bonus Doctor Who story CDs.

According to what we received in e-mail now, along with past communications, we have the following information:

Sometime next week, we're finally expecting to receive last year's bonus story, Return Of The Daleks, which we'll be sending free to everyone who had a Doctor Who CD subscription with us when this was originally released by Big Finish. This title will otherwise be available for sale as a regular 1CD title as soon as it arrives here. And, because we have confirmation of shipping, we are taking advance orders to ship immediately on release (to the limit of our supplies).

Expected to arrive at the same time will be copies of Return To The Web Planet, the latest bonus story from Big Finish. Our current subscribers to the main Big Finish Doctor Who audio series will also be getting this shipped free of charge immediately upon its arrival. However, at this time, our best understanding is Big Finish wants this to remain a subscriber bonus. Therefore, we will only be able to provide this to current subscribers for the time being. The CD is expected to get released for general sale by December, 2008, probably again at the standard price for a 1CD title.

A number of other items are expected to be released at the same time, so look to our web site for updates!

Thanks, as always, for your support.

---Michael & Patty