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ANNOUNCEMENT: Signed Book Plates Are Here!

After unavoidable and lengthy delays, we have received the first set of signed bookplates from the authors who contributed to SHORT TRIPS #20: DESTINATION PRAGUE.

The total run of these bookplates is limited to sixty [60], some of which have already been shipped to customers who have purchased this book from us.

We are still taking orders for SHORT TRIPS: DESTINATION PRAGUE, and will provide signed bookplates with each purchase of the book while supplies last, and at no additional charge. Due to the nature of this limited run of bookplates, this should be one of the rarest DOCTOR WHO items ever made available.

For any of you wondering if you should be getting Short Trips, we hope this is incentive to get you into this outstanding series as a regular reader.

Thank you, as always, for your support.

---Michael & Patty