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As part of our on-going commitment to give the best possible, best available service and pricing to our customers, most of you reading this will already know the lengths to which we try to go so you'll have no reason to shop anywhere else for the products we offer.

You'll also be aware we have several subscription plans for audios, including the ones at http://www.mikescomics.com/SUBSCRIPTION1.html.

Now, for the upcoming month, we're about to give subscribers a price on many Big Finish audios, including the entire Doctor Who main series, that can't be matched...including a better price on CDs than a new download service that doesn't provide a physical product. As subscribers know, we'll also waive postage charges when these ship with your subscription parcels, so the discount really does beat even the pricing of downloads, and gets you the physical CDs almost all of you want.

We have a commitment to customer loyalty. We understand our retail customers are simply the best in the world, and our promise to try hard to be the best isn't just talk.

However, this offer can only go to subscribers, and we'll be mailing this offer to subscribers with their next parcels. With over 60 titles priced below $10, many below $8, and some as low as $3.99, we're confident we're doing all we can to honor your loyalty to the physical CD products we offer.

If the initial offer is well-received, we will consider expanding this pricing for subscribers to the remainder of Big Finish's audio line, while our current inventory holds out...and possibly a while longer. But, depending on demand, we may limit quantities, and we will deal when necessary on a first-come, first-served basis. If you don't already have your subscriptions through us, don't wait, because this offer will come soon and is scheduled to be gone by March 20, 2008...or sooner, if demand matches the value this deal offers.