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Be Careful Out There!

Hi Everyone:

We've got a lot of good, loyal customers. Some of them keep us aware of interesting situations, and we're grateful for their support and vigilance. Unfortunately, interesting isn't always constructive.

We've heard from numerous sources of one such situation that currently portrays us falsely in a negative light. We feel this would be fueled further by speculation and rumor...effectively gossip.

So, first, if you hear something, please feel free to come to us. As always, we'll try to address matters factually.

Second, please don't add fuel to this fire by adding to speculation. Big fires get people burned. We value our customers, and we don't want them hurt because they play into the hands of someone trying to provoke matters. Words are already being twisted and taken out of context and facts are being ignored or spun for the convenience of those interested in creating unwarranted problems...as they often are in these situations. Don't let your well-meaning words, even in defense of us, be fodder for such irresponsible misuse.

We're sure this will blow over in the fullness of time.

People who deal with us know how we conduct ourselves, and while the current situation is unhelpful, it's rather transparently ridiculous to our customers and contrary to our universally strong relations with reputable retailers and our suppliers. People who have noted the sources of these other comments understand the nature of gossip, and note the sources don't ever stand behind their false words in the light of day. And that tells you all you're likely to need to know right there.

If anything, becoming the target of this kind of thing is just something that happens in business. It comes with the territory when you're successful. Please don't panic into doing something here. It's not worth the consequences.

Michael Salvo