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First, we've recently gone through the first set of allocations in 2008 on Doctor Who figures, and the first allocations of any kind in something like 15 years where we still didn't fill advance orders in full.

For those interested in details, we usually get new toy assortments 12 per case. Most figures usually are released in the assortment at a rate of 2 or 3 per case. On the latest group that arrived, the assortment only had 1 Sarah Jane Smith & K-9 2-pack per case. Shipments were allocated, then we heard there won't be new supplies of this assortment...if they ever come back to the US, it will be after a production crunch ends sometime in September.

The only good news in all this is the figure in question is supposed to be scheduled to re-appear within another assortment in 2008.

While we did still fill almost all orders for that one figure...and filled every order for every other figure in the assortment...there was literally nothing more we could do to get more figures in that assortment. We filled orders in the order they were received. After having that particular assortment listed on our site since late January, it's just the last flurry of orders in late April we couldn't fill, and only for one figure from the entire assortment.

Our apologies to those few customers who didn't have their Advance Orders filled yet...we do hope to fill those orders later in the year, and I promise you we did everything we could to get supplies to cover your order...they simply weren't made available.

So, that brings us to FOUR more assortments of 5" Doctor Who figures. We know in advance (for a change!) these will all be very heavily allocated assortments...a much deeper allocation than this earlier assortment faced. And, we heard they just shipped to us. For all of you looking for specific figures from those assortments, please consider our recent experiences and place your advance orders as soon as possible if you're going to order at all. We want to fill your orders completely and immediately, and we stand the best chance for you when you place your advance orders very early. None of these sets will have more than 75 TOTAL CASES released to the North American market. That's the supply that covers all chain stores, web sites, bookstores, comic shops, everyone. We're getting a fraction of that number. Most of the more popular figures will be released 2 per case in the assortments. So, you're talking about all retailers everywhere in the US and Canada sharing a total of 150 of any given figure...if there's something you want from these assortments, you should expect they're rare here to start with, and will probably be next to impossible to find in a very short time. There are more than 150 people in the US trying to get each new figure...far more.

Again, we're here to take your Advance Orders, and we hope you'll let us know what we can do to help you!

Michael Salvo


So, what do I need to do to get my Sarah Jane?

You've got my credit card number and (I think) my latest address, in Everett.

Should I have done something more?

Let me know. :)
If you're who I think you are (did you get the Series 3 DVD set from us earlier?), you never formally contacted us by e-mail or phone to place an Advance Order for Sarah Jane...Patty mentioned there was a somewhat ambiguous comment posted somewhere, but we really need something more. Since this involves spending your money, we need to be totally sure you are telling us to do so, and we make sure to ask questions to get you what you want, shipped the way you want. We didn't have an Advance Order from someone in Everett for the Sarah Jane 2-pack. Having credit card and address information doesn't mean we understood there was another order being placed, and I can only say we didn't understand.

This sounds like a simple question you're asking. But, let me go into some detail on the answer....

It sounds like you thought you gave us an Advance Order. For now, again, I have to say we didn't understand that was the case.

We did everything we could to fill all orders we had on file. We had only about five who gave an Advance Order for a Sarah Jane Smith / K-9 2-pack whose order we couldn't fill yet. We just received those orders too late...in this case, not that we could adjust quantities on allocated product, but I think the orders not filled were actually placed after the allocated assortment was shipped to us...a few days, maybe a week or so before we received the items in our hands and started shipping things the next day. The earlier orders are placed, the more chance they'll be filled, even when supplies are limited.

We literally sold every Sarah Jane we got by just filling advance orders. We held nothing back. They were filled on a first-come, first-served basis, and since we listed the figure around the end of January, we had been taking a lot of Advance Orders for months...we knew Sarah Jane was going to be a very popular figure...it was just a scant few orders in the flurry near the release date we haven't yet filled.

If you've placed an advance order that wasn't filled, your order is still on file. Especially with a re-release later in the year, according to the US distributor, we still expect and intend to fill those orders as soon as we get supplies. If this assortment is supplied again before Sarah Jane is released in another assortment, we'll try to get enough supplies to fill all standing Advance Orders then...and those already in our files have unconditional priority over new ones, and will be filled according to the date of the Advance Order. More likely, this situation will be solved with a release in a new assortment before this assortment gets another release.

If you haven't yet placed an Advance Order for a Sarah Jane figure, please feel free to do so. If you want more, please tell us!...the new orders would be filled based on the date they're placed, without impacting the original orders. The earlier your Advance Order is placed, the higher priority you have in getting the order filled...again, first-come, first-served.

While we reserve the right to alter how we'll fill orders, especially when, say, a dealer comes along and says "I want to buy all your {fill in the blank}," so far it hasn't been an issue in how will fill orders for figures, and we've been able to fill orders purely based on when they're received.

Again, this is almost a unique situation. We intentionally order beyond initial expectations for demand...we actually try to keep things in stock. Normally, we fill all orders, even on allocated items, and have some number to sell beyond that. For now, on this particular item, the only thing we have to offer is to request you touch base by phone or e-mail and help us make sure your order is on the system here, so we can fill the order promptly when the figure is available again...as we're told it will be later in 2008.

The upcoming four assortments are supposed to be much more heavily allocated than this one was, but we have an idea our supplies will be reasonably good, because we ordered very heavily...we anticipated allocations. So, we recommend if any figures from those assortments are of interest, it's always best to get the Advance Order in our system sooner rather than later.

Michael Salvo
Yeah, I guess I could have been more clear.

Hi, it's Kirk. The Season 3 DVD set came in. :)

Looks like I'll be sending that e-mail, then ...