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NEW ARRIVALS, 23 May 2008.

We've received The Doctor's Fob Watch and the Dalek Voice Changer Helmet in stock.

All advanced orders have been tallied, and should be going out tomorrow.

We'll be doing a bit of "time travel" ourselves to highlight all the nifty stuff that has arrived in the month of May. Stay tuned!

As always, thank you for your support.

---Michael and Patty


How sturdy is the watch? Does it look metallicy or more like plastic?
I have the exact same questions. I love pocket watches (I have a rather plain one I use day to day) but the sturdiness of the item is important.
We're thinking that it is sturdy enough for prop wear and daily wear around the house, but it may not stand up to a construction site.

However, we've not taken one out for a "test drive" yet.
It has a plastic casing, but the inner workings seem to be sturdy.
The watches are very nice indeed. They look good and feel decently sturdy. The lights and sound bites are cool. I'll be taking one to school tomorrow to show a few fellow teachers who are Doctor Who fans.