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RECENT ARRIVALS, Week Ending 12 July 2008.

We'll do a round-up of items received in the last few weeks, to make up for some of our missed entries. We will also take pity on your Friendslist pages by merely linking pictures for most of these items this time around, rather than displaying them.



In the Doctor Who line from Character Options / Underground Toys...

* A restock on the Sonic Screwdriver / Sonic Pen Set

* Dalek Topper Bedside Alarm Clock

* 35mm Micro Universe Figures TARDIS Carry Case

From The Sarah Jane Adventures line... a selection of 5-inch 2-packs, subtitled Sarah Jane and Baddies...

* Sarah Jane and General Kudlak

* Sarah Jane and The Graske

* Sarah Jane and Child Slitheen



From the Eighth Doctor audio adventures series from Big Finish Productions, we now have in stock #15, SISTERS OF THE FLAME.



We have received the most recent SHORT TRIPS title, #25, subtitled TRANSMISSIONS, edited by Richard Salter.

Thank you for your support.

---Michael & Patty


Will there be a Mike's Comics presence at GenCon?
We're afraid that Gen Con is out of our budgetary range this year, much as we'd like to go sometime.

Our next convention appearance is in August at 3Pi-Con in Springfield, MA. If you and your family got a chance to come up, we'd love to see you there.

Did you get to go to Shore Leave this past weekend?

---Michael & Patty