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New Releases

The initial allotment of 5" Classic Series Doctor Who figures including the Dalek Collector's Set has come...and gone. They're again completely out of stock...every last figure!

All orders we can fill have been pulled; most are already shipped. Because of the severity of product allocations, we could not fill or partially fill a majority of customer orders for those figures, and we are awaiting additional supplies. If you have any questions about your order, please, as always, e-mail us at salvom@prodigy.net.

We are promised some substantial additional supplies of the Classic Series figures, and expect to fill most Advance Orders at that time...and where there's doubt, we've already made customers aware where there may be a waiting list for supplies.

While we are working to see if we can order additional supplies of all Classic Series figures, and we are taking further Advance Orders, at this time most of those new orders are beyond what orders we've been allowed to place for figures with the distributor. This is a wait list, but that is apparently the situation everywhere with orders for Classic Series figures now being placed. Be assured we're working on it, and with the supply situation what it now is, we still recommend you place Advance Orders now, and help us understand how much we should order to fill your needs. If it's possible, we'll do all we can to fill all the orders we get.

We've also received a re-supply of the recent mixed-series wave of figures including Captain Jack, Rose with Ice Extinguisher, Martha and Master...among others. This assortment will not be available again, so supplies are limited to what is now in stock, or will be dependent on a re-release in the future.

We are expecting severe product allocations and delays to continue through 2008 on Doctor Who figures and toys, and we strongly recommend placing Advance Orders at the earliest possible date to help ensure you will receive what you want.