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Action Figures Update

We've just heard from our supplier of Doctor Who action figures and toys. A lot of changes are in the wind.

For those who have been requesting the Doctor Who "Classic Series" figures...and I think the whole series, old and new, should just be considered one as a whole...the first assortment of those figures is in such demand that new supplies will be made. We're expecting to have those ship to us in some quantities roughly every month through the end of 2008.

However, based on the fact some of those figures are supplied far too plentifully, and others not plentifully enough, we will eventually stop adding to our additional orders. We are taking Advance Orders again on the entire selection with expectation of filling all those orders in time, but we will gauge sales, and may stop taking Advance Orders at some point. We strongly recommend getting your Advance Orders in soon!

Also, we're told production costs have increased at least 25% on the action figures since the start of 2008, plus shipping costs for the supplier have increased to get supplies into the US from the overseas factory, and we're told to expect a big price increase soon. Probably, new suggested retail price will be about $12.95, possibly higher, on the "new" series 5" figures. As soon as price increases hit, our prices will need to increase. Again, please get your Advance Orders placed soon to help us lock in the best pricing!