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Doctor Who Toys Supplies

Many of our customers reading this post will be familiar with the Doctor Who toys and figures we sell. We'll be posting more specifics about new arrivals soon as well.

However, I want to be a bit more specific here to anticipate what will potentially be hundreds of questions.

Doctor Who action figures are offered in a very eccentric and often illogical way.

What has happened is a set of figures was offered that contains 12 different figures, and each of those will be released with a piece for a larger figure as part of that assortment...it's called a "build-a-figure" assortment...so that by purchasing all 12 figures, you're essentially getting a 13th free. And it sounds like a nifty idea!

However, another assortment of figures was offered soon after...and just arrived today, well before that "build-a-figure" assortment...with some overlap in the figures that were offered between the two assortments.

Therefore, we're expecting some customers to be concerned about getting what they wanted, and some are concerned about when things will arrive. So, let me explain what we're doing....

If you ordered a complete build-a-figure set from us, as a complete set of 12 figures, we haven't filled anything yet, since the figures we received do not contain the build-a-figure pieces, and because some of those figures aren't yet supplied anyway. We're not breaking up those sets, and with one exception among all our customers, all those pre-orders were placed before the newer assortment was released, so we're trying to make certain you're getting what we think you wanted.

If you didn't order a complete build-a-figure set, but ordered some pieces from it, we're going through and making decisions. For example, if all you wanted was a 5" Davros, it's here, and if that's all you ordered, we're likely to ship now instead of having you wait months more before you get your order. We're working our way through a large number of orders making what we think are pretty safe decisions like that one. And, where we don't feel reasonably sure, we're going to start e-mailing customers tonight and tomorrow.

However, as we said, the assortment we just received doesn't fully overlap with the build-a-figure assortment. There are some smaller orders we still can't fill completely because the figures aren't in yet. If all you ordered is a Sontaran General, it's simply not here yet. But, because so many of the figures are repeated between these two assortments...and may be released yet again in a few months in another assortment...we kept quantities limited on what we ordered here, too. So, for orders we are filling, we're going to go by standard procedure and do it "first-come, first-served." We may not have written to you yet, because we haven't heard back from other customers who got orders in earlier, and who need to tell us whether to ship now or later...so, we may not yet know if we have enough supplies of each figure to fill your specific order, and it might impact what we can get you, or whether we can fill your order completely now. This is definitely a bit of a juggling act.

However, rest assured we do still expect to have all Advance Orders among these two sets of figures completely filled when that next assortment arrives. While some of you aren't yet seeing your shipment, the build-a-figure assortment wasn't due to arrive until February of next year anyway...so, we're not even really talking about a delay here, just an opportunity to fill some orders early for the Holidays.

So, please be patient...we promise we won't take very long! We're completely aware postal deliveries slow down at this time of year, too, and we're going to move with all deliberate speed to ship where we should, not ship where we shouldn't, communicate with customers, and keep things in proper order for all customers. Where we have questions, we'll ask them, and invite you to do the same here.

Thank you, as always, for your support.

---Michael & Patty