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RECENT ARRIVALS, 15 December 2008.

First off, let us start off by giving thanks to our very loyal customers who've been bearing with us and waiting patiently for the newest wave of Series 4 Doctor Who action figures. We have filled most of the Advance Orders we have for the single figures and will be filling the remainder from the Build-A-Figure sets we expect in January / February 2009.

Hopefully most or all of your questions regarding this particular batch of figures has been answered by our most recent entry.


The figures we do and don't have currently in stock from the newest two assortments of 5-inch DW action figures are:

* Vashta Nerada
* River Song (SOLD OUT - ON ORDER)
* (Red) Supreme Dalek (SOLD OUT - ON ORDER)
* Davros
* Hath Peck
* Sontaran Trooper (LIMITED SUPPLIES - ON ORDER)
* Natural Ood (SOLD OUT - ON ORDER)
* Ood Sigma
* Donna Noble
* 10th Doctor with Adipose (Sonic Screwdriver accessory NOT included - LIMITED SUPPLIES)

We can take your orders for those items still in stock. We are most likely going to be severaly allocated on the items that are currently listed as "On Order", so we will have to observe a strict first-come, first serve, especially on the River Song figure.

We will keep you informed of any changes to upcoming assortments that may include figures previously in short supply. Please keep watching our website.

Thanks, as always, for your support, and happy holidays!

---Michael & Patty