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Doctor Who Action Figures - News & Information

We've been nearly overwhelmed by the number of calls and e-mails we've received in the past few days about upcoming releases of Doctor Who action figures. As I've promised many of you, I'm posting to tell you what I've found out, and with some updated information, now that I finally have some.

We've probably been solicited already for all the action figures we're going to get released for Doctor Who until at least June, 2009, and probably into July, 2009. We are still asking for some additional information about some solicited items, but we are told not to expect any additional offerings to be released before SDCC (San Diego Comic Con). Of course, this is subject to change, but we feel this is accurate based on current plans.

We have ordered and expect to get all five different 2009 SDCC "Exclusives" when they are made available. We have agreed not to post pictures of these yet. Further, we have agreed not to post the retail price expected to be charged at SDCC, nor our own pricing on these items, until they are available for sale at SDCC, nor to disclose that information in advance of official release.

The five items are:
Sixth Doctor with ‘Real Time’ Blue coat
Second Doctor with Telos Cyber Tombs Cyberman 2 Pack (color)
Second Doctor with Telos Cyber Tombs Cyberman 2 Pack (black & white)
First Doctor with Dalek Invasion Of Earth ‘Black’ Dalek 2 Pack (color)
First Doctor with Dalek Invasion Of Earth ‘Black’ Dalek 2 Pack (black & white)

We have also agreed for now not to list the 2009 SDCC Exclusives on our web site, though we are allowed to accumulate Advance Orders starting immediately...so long as we do not charge customers for these items until their release, which is how we normally operate. Within reason, we are not limiting quantities you can order, but there is a fixed total amount we'll be supplied.

There is likely to be some amount of further information we're simply not allowed to disclose about these figures. While we invite questions at any time, we may need to respond in some cases that we are simply not allowed to comment...at the risk of losing not just these figures, but future releases as well. Trust me, we always want to tell you more, but we have to respect the rules!

We expect also to be limited in selling these Exclusives only to the US and Canada. We definitely can't sell them into Great Britain, even to retailers. Those are simply the rules. However, we are working with our supplier to ask about other countries. If we can sell to other countries in special circumstances, we'll hope to know soon, but we expect it is more likely we'll have a list of recommended resellers in other countries, and we're working on getting that information...we'll likely either put this on our Links page, or will respond with specific recommendations in e-mail. But, please understand we may not have this particular list together until about 2/16 or 2/23.

We will try to be competitive as always on price, and from what we've seen so far, we strongly recommend people to consider buying these figures in sets while they are available. We do not expect to be able to re-order, or add to our initial orders in the future...we've ordered a certain amount, and once they're gone, they're gone forever. And, demand at this point is already higher than I can remember for any figures so soon after solicitation, and we haven't even posted a listing on our main site yet!

Back to other figures, I'm told not to expect a Series 4 set of 10 figures in a TARDIS box, as we had for the first three series...at least it's not in the plans yet for 2009. However, it's possible we'll start seeing new releases late in 2009, and I'm playing a hunch in saying there could still be some interesting releases in time for the Christmas holiday season for 2009...but, we got no specific indications from the US distributor this was happening.

Finally, we are trying to re-stock a few recent sets, especially as many figures have completely sold out. In very limited numbers, we're trying to re-stock the Vespiform build-a-figure set, and a couple of other assortments that we may sell only as sets...we're trying to figure that out still. This may include a very tiny number of the first assortment of Classic Series figures...again, we're considering only taking orders for figures if they're bought as part of a set. While this hasn't been the way we've traditionally done things, we are also trying to find ways to keep our prices down in the face of rising wholesale prices and very sharp shipping cost increases, so we need be careful not to sell only the "chase figures" from assortments and nothing else. We'll update our site upon confirmation of those supplies, and when we're sure how we'll be selling them.

Thanks, as always, for your support.

---Michael Salvo
Mike's Comics