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Some assorted bits of news today:

* Newly arrived in stock - the Time Squad collection of 15 figures, as mentioned in this entry.

* Back in stock - the Journal of Impossible Things and the Vortex Manipulator.

* Also back in stock - a LIMITED number of figures in the first wave of the Classic Who action figure line. As we discussed in this entry, we will be offering sets on these for the price of $103.92 per set, before shipping & handling. This will be the only way we will be accepting new orders on the "rare" figures - Magnus Greel / Mr. Sin, the D84 Robot and the SV7 Robot. The other items in the assortment - the 4th Doctor, 5th Doctor, the 6th Doctor, the Sea Devil, and the Zygon - are still available for individual purchase. We do our best to remain consistent in giving you the best prices possible, without being subject to the whims of the marketplace... our decision to sell the remaining Classic "chase figures" exclusively as part of sets seems to be the fairest method to assure that those folks who missed out earlier have a chance to have the toys they're looking for.

* We do, however, wish to reward our loyal customer base for their continued efforts on our behalf, and we have found another way to do so. As a thank you, those customers who have already placed advance orders for the full set of the Gelth Phantom Build-A-Figure assortment [Astrid Peth, Purple Clockwork Man, Captain Jack with Doctor's Hand, Old & Ancient Doctors 2-pack, The Master Regenerated, Banakafallata, and Jabe] will receive these, when *we* receive them later this week, at a cost of $74.99 per set before shipping & handling, rather than our $10.99-per-figure-before shipping-and-handling price.

* On the maintenance front, we have added several new links here on our blog, over on the left-hand column... we have Twitter feeds for both Mike's Comics and for BLAKE'S 7: THE AUDIO ADVENTURES. Please feel free to follow us there!

* We will be dealers at ConBust 2009 at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, from Friday, March 27th through Sunday, March 29th. Come see us there!


As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone... we'd love to hear from you!

Thank you for your support.

---Michael Salvo & Patty Cryan
Mike's Comics