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(Lack Of) Information Update

We've heard back yet again from our suppliers there is no word on availability and/or distribution outside the US, Canada and the UK for the 2009 San Diego Comic Con Doctor Who figure exclusives. Apparently, this is the responsibility of the BBC, to decide on vendors and distributors, and they aren't yet responding to inquiries for this information.

On the basis of that information, we recommend international customers from other countries write direct to the BBC to explain their situation.

If we get this information, we will be happy to pass it along here...even if we're not allowed to sell to additional markets.

If we get any updates to this information to adjust or correct the information we have, we will pass it along here.

If we get permission to sell these items to other non-UK markets, we will be happy to do so, and we do still expect to have quantities available for Advance Order at this time...though we're not yet sure if we'll have supplies by the July release date.

And, again, we can't yet quote price on these figures....

For those of you in the Northeast US, please also take a look at our previous post regarding the coming weekend convention!

Thank you, as always, for your support.

---Michael & Patty
Mike's Comics