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SDCC Allocations

For all Advance Orders on SDCC Exclusives we've taken thus far, we still fully expect to have necessary supplies to fill those orders completely, WITHOUT EXCEPTION. And, there are some additional supplies available.

However, we just got numbers in telling us to expect an allocation of about 50% on both Black & White 2009 SDCC Doctor Who Exclusives. This seems like it's going to be a standard number for all retailers, though it's possible it just reflects a maximum for our account because we ordered so heavily.

We are not 100% certain whether there may be further allocations on the color SDCC exclusives.

So, for those who waited, this is why we suggest placing Advance Orders early. While we're still taking Advance Orders for the SDCC exclusives, our supplies on those two B&W versions are nearly all committed to be sold at this point. For now, we still believe we have strong supplies available for the three color figures.

As an open comment, we placed orders in January to avoid being hit with this kind of allocation, and thought we'd avoided it by working with the suppliers. And, we've had huge restrictions from Day One, from what we were allowed to post on our site, to not being allowed to sell to some of our best regular customers because of an accident of geography, to many other things best left unsaid here and now.

And, finally, to a particular person out there posting on a particular forum who seems to think we're somehow doing something unfair by working within the system to get information for the Doctor Who collector community at large, and taking Advance Orders on the exclusives (which are reservations NOT "pre-orders," not sales in any way until items arrive and are permitted to be sold, and it's a UNIQUE service your retailer doesn't apparently choose to offer to you), this is a community that's watching. Watching us. Watching you. We're not a clone of our competitors. And, if you're unhappy, instead of doing something that may restrict both products and information to this community, why not ask your own retailer why they're unable to do what we can do so easily. If they thought we were doing something wrong, you can be sure by now they'd have approached the suppliers and been told we are within the rules and have permission, just as they say they have in seeing some rules-breakers shut down. You don't have to buy here. If you've got loyalties elsewhere, that's for the best...customer loyalty isn't trivial, and usually it's well-earned. But, in saying all this, we got permission to do exactly what we're doing, the way we're doing it, every single step of the painful way in this situation, in collecting information for future orders and payments, and in posting on this blog and our site...and actually we have permission in writing to do more, but don't want to hurt this community or even violate the spirit of the contract we signed...even where we don't agree with it. Please stop going around saying we're doing things against the rules before you know the facts...the continuing stream of painful and intrusive restrictions on retailers world-wide on these exclusives are bad and damaging enough by themselves, and we're all going to have to stand in front of customers again to explain new supply restrictions. By working against those who are following the rules like us, and as we even call up the suppliers to make certain before we do anything that we're within the rules each time, you're only hurting yourself and others. And if you think this somehow helps the retailer you're loyal to, trust us, these things have a way of having the opposite effect. Next time, before you post, if you have a problem with how we're conducting ourselves, feel free to e-mail us. If we made a mistake, we'll try to fix it, and give apologies where due. If we think we're not doing something wrong, even if you're not our customer, we'll try to explain and we're willing to discuss. In this case, you just don't know how much we're doing to stay within the letter and spirit of the rules, and you haven't asked us. If someone is telling you differently, open your mind, ask questions, and stop engaging in politics when facts are available. Just because your source doesn't offer its customers what we do, that doesn't mean either of us is automatically wrong or violating the rules.

-Michael Salvo


Ok, I don't know about whoever is out there posting stuff, but I do know what kind of service I've experienced when I've ordered from you, and it's anything but negative. MC has great customer service, decent pricing, and insanely fast shipping - and doesn't super inflate prices like other retailers I could mention.

If someone has some kind of issue with you, then they need to bring it to you directly, and get it worked out. If, and only if, they are unable to get some kind of satisfaction, THEN they can go and do posts and such. Until then, their posts are useless rants. And I am unanimous in that!
Thanks for your kind words!

It's fairly hard to work things out when someone doesn't come to the source.

And if the concern is we're somehow getting away with something that others can't do...which, by the way, is wrong in this case...then how should this person feel if someone attacked her/his favorite retailer in the same manner...behind their backs?

Again, as a statement to others out there, if we're willing to do something another retailer doesn't do, don't try to tear us down for it! Ask that retailer if s/he can do more for you instead, and make the conversation constructive.

We're willing to listen, and try to do things differently...and not be mindless clones. If that's horrible to someone because their retailer doesn't give the same options, maybe they SHOULD be buying from us instead. After all, that's what we're here for!

Again, thanks for posting. We really find distaste in these particular politics, and hope we're encouraging some special folks to tone down their rhetoric in the light of actual facts.

-Michael Salvo

Edited at 2009-07-12 02:14 am (UTC)