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SDCC Allocations ... Part Deux

In the aftermath of hearing about selected allocations on SDCC Doctor Who exclusives, we've just had confirmed the supplies we receive may arrive after the July 23, 8AM, "on-sale" time established earlier. We're told this will impact all USA retailers if it impacts any, and there seems a reasonable chance supplies will arrive as late as July 29, 2009...though we still hope it will be much earlier.

For those depending on us for supplies of these items, please expect us to handle your orders with all deliberate speed, when supplies arrive in our hands.

And, for the time being, we still have the ability to take Advance Orders on all five of these figures...but all supplies are in heavy demand.

-Michael Salvo


Still no word on Australian distribution options?
It's actively being discussed. I have this from multiple points in the supply chain...though I don't have any definite word an agreement has been reached yet to get this into the international market.

Trust when I say we've been pushing the issue. And we'll post something as soon as we know more. Right now, it's a lot to say parties are talking here. When we have URLs or addresses or anything of substance, we'll be posting it. If we're suddenly allowed to sell direct to the international market, you can believe we'll be posting that info, too!

-Michael Salvo
"...it's a lot to say parties are talking here."

I realise. Many thanks, your actions (and words) are appreciated.
You're most welcome. And, obviously, we're still hoping it amounts to more than just words in the end!

But, for everyone reading this here with a stake in getting this resolved, thanks for your outstanding patience so far. We all deserve it to work better than this, and as a fan of the series, I really do take it personally when someone is excluded like this seems to be doing.

-Michael Salvo