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SDCC Exclusives ... Part Trois ... Plus July SDCC Sale Announcement

As many of you are aware, the situation with the SDCC Doctor Who exclusives, now also including a Torchwood exclusive, continues to evolve. However, we're near the release date, so we'll hope this update is most or all of the information you'll need. Especially if you are worried about your Advance Order, please read this entire post completely.

We have been told about a 50% allocation on the black-and-white SDCC Doctor Who exclusives. We are unsure if further allocations of color figures are coming, simply because figures are not yet in our hands.

Regardless of current pronouncements of allocations, ALL ADVANCE ORDERS PLACED TO DATE ARE ON TRACK TO BEING FILLED. This is based on a hard number included with our billing regarding quantities we are told we will now receive, after allocations are included.

We have just reached a point where we do not expect further black-and-white figures to be supplied and the figures we are getting seem to be committed. We are only taking further Advance Orders for those two figures conditional to receiving additional supplies, which are not guaranteed.

We still have expectation of ample supplies on the other four SDCC Doctor Who / Torchwood exclusives at this time.

Our initial price on SDCC exclusives will be below SDCC "Retail Price" on all six exclusives. YOU WILL GET THIS DISCOUNTED PRICE EVEN IF YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY, AND WITH LIMITED SUPPLIES, WE ADVISE PLACING YOUR ORDERS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If you're looking for the best price, we expect you'll be happy because you've made your purchase from us. We'll try to post prices soon. Those prices will include your local sales tax, where applicable. Shipping costs will be charged in addition to those prices. Canadian Customs duties are at the discretion of Canadian Customs, where applicable. This year's SDCC exclusives can't be shipped by us outside the US and Canada at this time.

Because the supplier has apparently delayed shipments, we can't know exactly when the SDCC exclusives will arrive. They haven't shipped yet!

We ran a very brief sale last year on the day the SDCC Doctor Who exclusives were released, from 9PM to midnight. We know that was done on short notice, and without significant time to let people combine sale items with outgoing SDCC orders in some cases. While we wanted to do better this year in giving notice, the limbo state of when supplies will reach us has made it difficult to pin down dates, or even a plan of how to proceed. So, with the continuing delays, we finally have to do something on our end to make this work....

Starting 10AM on Thursday, July 23, 2009, we will start to run our sale. A link will be at the top of our Doctor Who Toys main page at that time. Items will include toys, action figures, books, CDs, DVDs, and other items. Unlike last year, we are not confining the sale to only action figures and toys. We will be open normal hours until the SDCC figures arrive here, and then we WILL BE OPEN UNTIL MIDNIGHT THE DAY THE SDCC FIGURES FINALLY ARRIVE. The sale will end at 12:01 AM the day following the arrival of SDCC figures here...regardless of when anyone else gets them. So, we're saying one minute after midnight the day they arrive, the sale ends, and you can be in contact by phone or e-mail to take advantage of the sale prices while supplies last. However, the sale will not extend past 12:01 AM, August 6, 2009, for any reason. We do still believe we will receive the SDCC exclusives, and end the sale, some days before August 6, but that will be the extreme limit...this sale was still originally intended as a one-day event, because our prices are likely to help things sell through quickly...you'll all see very soon!

The sale will be limited to items IN STOCK ONLY, starting at 10AM on July 23rd, and items will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Even in three hours last year, some items sold out...similar limited supplies are involved with some of this year's sale items. Pricing is NOT retroactive to earlier purchase commitments, so items already being paid by check or being held on reserve should not expect refunds or other price breaks.

In part, we're also trying to give you advance notice because, if you did order the SDCC exclusives, you can tell us to hold these sale items to ship with your parcel containing the SDCC exclusives, and we'll do all we can to combine shipments for the lowest possible shipping costs. Some of you are using the sale as your reason to get the SDCC exclusives here, too, so we're trying to save you money. Both our sale prices and our price on the SDCC exclusives are our way to say "Thank You" to Doctor Who fandom's most special clientele...our customers...and to invite others to try us and find just how much they're missing, and overpaying, elsewhere.

Again, your Advance Orders for SDCC Exclusives already placed will be honored if we get the supplies we have been promised. We expect this to happen. Further allocations are not expected. And, our price will be below the SDCC "Retail Price," which we saw nowhere else in the world last year, and do not expect anywhere else in the world this year. We aim for our price and our service to be the best. And we still have further supplies of the four color Doctor Who and Torchwood exclusives expected to arrive, and we're still taking orders.

Finally, we expect to ship orders containing SDCC exclusives the day after they arrive here, to allow us time to pack and process orders properly, even if you add sale items. A quick, smooth, inexpensive transaction is what this is all about, and we're looking forward to hearing from you very soon!

Thank you, as always, for your support.

---Michael Salvo & Patty Cryan
Mike's Comics
Worcester, MA, USA


Torchwood exclusive? Please to be explaining.

Torchwood Exclusive

More at http://www.mikescomics.com/TOYS2F.html. Pictures coming shortly....

-Michael Salvo