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NEW ARRIVALS, 23 July 2009.

We have received the following new figures in stock and are now taking orders:

From TORCHWOOD - Wave Two:

* Tosh

* Captain John

* Ianto

* Blowfish

Other TORCHWOOD figures and items can be found at: http://www.mikescomics.com/TOYS2F.html

Please note that we are running a sale at http://www.mikescomics.com/TOYS2S.html for a limited time, to allow our customers to combine shipping and handling costs. Edited 4 September 2009: Please be aware our sale is long since over, and prices on our main, regular web pages prevail again since it ended....

This is a great chance to buy a gift, fill in any gaps in a collection, or just find that perfect something for the science fiction fan!

Thank you, as always, for your support.

---Michael & Patty