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The Summer Sale is on!

As per our prior blog entry, we have started our limited-time-only sale; a link is also at the top of our Doctor Who Toys index.


Items include toys, action figures, books, CDs, DVDs, and other items. Unlike last year, we are not confining the sale to only action figures and toys.

We will be open normal hours until the SDCC figures arrive here, and then we WILL BE OPEN UNTIL MIDNIGHT THE DAY THE SDCC FIGURES FINALLY ARRIVE.
The sale will end at 12:01 AM the day following the arrival of SDCC figures here...regardless of when anyone else gets them. So, we're saying one minute after midnight the day they arrive, the sale ends, and you can be in contact by phone or e-mail to take advantage of the sale prices while supplies last.

However, the sale will not extend past 12:01 AM, August 6, 2009, for any reason. We do still believe we will receive the SDCC exclusives, and end the sale, some days before August 6, but that will be the extreme limit...this sale was still originally intended as a one-day event, because our prices are likely to help things sell through quickly...you'll all see very soon!