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RECENT ARRIVALS, 1 September: Toys.

This week we received two gift pack sets from the "Classic Series" line of DOCTOR WHO merchandise.

* The Dalek Collector's Set #2 includes the Saucer Pilot from "The Dalek Invasion of Earth", the Emperor's Guard Dalek from "The Evil of the Daleks", and the Supreme Dalek from "Day of the Daleks".

* The Fourth Doctor Adventure Set includes the Fourth Doctor, a Voc Robot from "The Robots of Death", a Robot Mummy With Canopic Jar from "Pyramids of Mars", and a Destiny Dalek With Bombs.

All advance orders have been filled on these items, despite severe allocations, and we still have a limited supply of each set for further ordering. Please feel free to send us your inquiries and want lists.

As always, thank you for your support.

---Michael & Patty
Mike's Comics