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Site Down

We just went to review our site for some updates, and see it is down completely, along with the site for our web host.

Please bear with us as we investigate this situation, and work to bring our site back up as soon as possible.

Meantime, please also feel free to write us at salvom@prodigy.net with any comments or questions!

Finally, because we know some will ask, we did just send out a large number of Big Finish audio subscriber orders today, and those will include TWO issues of Big Finish's VORTEX magazine as well as supplemental offers being made ONLY to subscribers. These offers will include special prices for audios, subscriptions, and sets, and are the best prices we've offered in some time, or ever, on many of these titles, so be careful to look those over, and take advantage while the offer is available!

And, as always, thanks to everyone for your continued interest and support!

- - Michael & Patty