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Upcoming Action Figures Releases

After some conversation today with the US distributor for Doctor Who action figures, I've been able to get the following information.

The 11 Doctors Set will have both allocations and a split release. The initial release will cover most Advance Orders already placed with us, and will point out the advantages of placing Advance Orders, and placing them early. We will get an additional supply at a later date. Those supplies are already capped at a certain number, and if you want this set, you want to order now, not later.

The Silver Nemesis Cyberman 2-pack is going to be allocated. We are getting enough to cover all Advance Orders placed to date, and some additional supply. Because of the numbers on our orders, we may have these available for slightly longer than some others, but don't be fooled, these are already expected to be in very short supply.

The new Flight Control TARDIS seems allocated, but should get us enough supplies to cover current Advance Orders, and one or two more.

These three figures just shipped tonight from the supplier, so any rumors about them being available elsewhere are owing to others without a true advance order system just trying to collect orders. They're not in stock elsewhere at the time of this post.

There is no updated news on the second assortment of figures for the current season.

We've had confirmed there will be three(3) SDCC Doctor Who releases. The first, an 11th Doctor & Dalek, will be exclusive either at the show or via the BBC web sites, including BBC Americas. They feel it is necessary to exclude other retailers on this item, even if those retailers have been your conduit for Doctor Who merchandise for many years. We'll see how that works out for them.

The other two figures are likely to be solicited on the Sunday of SDCC, give or take a few days, and based on their sales of figures at SDCC. The expectation is these are two "Classic series" releases. While we've heard from many sources there are pictures, even videos of these releases elsewhere, the distributors and upper part of the supply chain feel the "fair" thing to do is not to tell retailers what is happening. As you know, we've tried hard to get you more answers than this, but we're not being given a lot of facts.

We don't yet know, but suspect we will be limited in selling most or all of these releases outside the North American market again. Do I really need to tell anyone what we think of this? We're trying to support Doctor Who merchandise, but must confess we understand our customers' comments about the way some things are handled.

Thanks, as always, for your support.

---Michael & Patty
Mike's Comics



The Eleventh Doctor & TARDIS?

You mention the "Eleventh Doctor & TARDIS", is this the new Matt Smith TARDIS or did you mean the classic First Doctor and TARDIS? Just curious. Thanks! :-)

Re: The Eleventh Doctor & TARDIS?

Apologies for the confusion... yes, we mean the new Flight Control TARDIS with the interior shown in the Matt Smith episodes.

We have edited our entry accordingly.


---Michael and Patty