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Updates, New Items - 23 July 2010.

We received most of our shipment of the Eleven Doctors Gift Set, the new Flight Control TARDIS, and the Silver Nemesis Cyberman 2-packs.

However, owing to some delays in transit, we are still awaiting arrival of a few more Eleven Doctors Gift Sets from FedEx, past the expected delivery date.

We are shipping parcels promptly as these arrive in stock, and filling Advance Orders in the order they were received for the Eleven Doctors Gift Set.

Big Finish audios are also expected to arrive here within the next few days, so we should have more updates on that soon.

And, for those unable to reach us again, it seems our year for lightning strikes. Another took out phones, internet, and electric for some hours, and we're only now seeing internet service stabilize again. If you tried to get us earlier and couldn't, please do try again!

Thanks, as always, for your support.

---Michael & Patty
Mike's Comics


I've got access to a US address for a short time. Are you all Silver Nemesis'd out yet?
No, we still have a nice supply in stock, thanks to letting our Advance Order system balance our ordering for us.

I don't think they'll last forever, but, they're still in stock here right now.