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Tomorrow Is Today!

Since earlier posting this item, the 2011 SDCC RIVER SONG & PANDORICA CHAIR has sold out.

The first of the long-overdue 2011 SDCC Exclusives has been announced, and we have made special arrangement to guarantee a solid supply even in advance of the solicitation this year, in spite of allocations we expect for this extremely popular item!

So, without further adieu....

We are actively taking Advance Orders for the RIVER SONG & PANDORICA CHAIR as the first announced 2011 SDCC Exclusive in the Doctor Who line of toys and action figures.

Price will not exceed the retail price at the convention, and we expect to offer the same aggressive kinds of discounting as we have done in past years. We also expect to see our pricing where it has always been when comparing to our competition...below their price.

We are also going to look at our costs carefully, and may offer enhanced discounts for Advance Orders placed in the next few days, so we strongly recommend you call in or e-mail your Advance Orders for this item soon, if you want one at all. We feel orders received by the end of this coming weekend in e-mail or by phone have an excellent chance of being filled.

For those of you who are curious, and whom I know will ask about this, what little I was told is the late release of information on this item is owing to very sensitive conversations between the BBC & manufacturers, largely regarding rights issues. Beyond that, we have no specifics, but I'm in agreement with my many customers who have been quite vocal in proclaiming we should have had firm solicitation on this and all the other SDCC releases in this line, say, 2-3 months ago, as they certainly were well into the production process by that point. Even if pics are an issue, telling us what we would be ordering just to let us take orders and let our customers budget their spending would have been a nice show of respect for all our customers.

While we don't currently have additional information to share on other exclusives coming, just about everyone seems to be expecting more, and we're firmly of the same opinion. Whether and when we can get those...well, stay tuned to our web site.

Thank you, as always, for your support.

---Michael and Patty
Mike's Comics