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Censor-y Deprivation


Yes, there was another post here.

And, as of 28 July 2011, it's visible again just below this one.

I've taken it down at the moment, in an abundance of caution, as some content is suddenly a matter of secrecy in a fashion I wasn't made aware of earlier.

I'll remove hidden status from that post at an appropriate time, hopefully sometime soon.

As we try to respect our customers, we also try to respect the wishes of our suppliers. Simply, we posted something that was already common knowledge to many, and now we're being asked to make it a secret again. So, SHHHHHH! We'll make the post available again when able.

Yes, again, being respectful here, it's also not available to friended viewers. Sorry about that, but it's always best to work with people in a friendly fashion. It's what I promised to do until "everyone" is allowed to post publicly on the topic...at which time I'll have more to say anyway. Then, perhaps, you'll ALSO have some things to say, as I sincerely hope you will.