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Doctor Who 5" Assortments

We continue to get asked why there are so many "exclusive" figures now in the Doctor Who lines, not making it to the US market.

What we've heard this week past is the figures the North American market isn't seeing aren't exclusives by intent, but are not (yet?) making their way here because of financial decisions on the part of the licensed US distributor not to bring them over...essentially because they must not expect to make a profit on them, or they'd cost them somewhere else in a way to make such choices necessary.

As a result, we've asked the distributor to give us "Advice Notices" to let us know when we will NOT be getting items, so we can deal more informatively with our customers.

In times past, I know we were better off without certain assortments reaching our shores, especially when those assortments contained one or two new figures out of a case of twelve...leaving ten or eleven per case we wouldn't have needed and couldn't sell. In a world of imperfect choices, I'd prefer if the assortments were reconfigured to get us each what we want. But, since the license holders aren't willing to be flexible enough to do that in most situations, there are times it works out for the best if we don't get certain assortments.

Still, communications is a key issue. We certainly press for more and better information, so we can inform our customers promptly. We're hoping our suggestions get action this time.

Thank you, as always, for your support.

---Michael and Patty
Mike's Comics