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There are some days where you wake up and find, somewhat unexpectedly, you have another blessing to count when you count them up.

We've always said we are lucky for the customers we've had and have, and it's our high privilege simply to be allowed to be on this end of the phone and work with so many wonderful people.

As we approach the half-way point of our 36th year in this business, we surely have the good fortune to know very many such people, to whom we owe everything.

Today, one of those wonderful people sent e-mail explaining we'd helped her make this Christmas special, and we can only say we are humbled by her kind and generous words. In the spirit of the holidays, it seems we should share the happy story she sent us, given in the following link.


We feel very lucky to know so many good people. And lucky to have a chance to do a small part. Thank you to everyone for all your time and trust and for the privilege to work with you. We hope to continue in 2012 in the same spirit, and wish you all the best for the New Year!

---Michael and Patty
Mike's Comics


That is wonderful! Thanks for sharing her praise.