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Doctor Who Action Figures

We've just been on the phone to our suppliers for Doctor Who action figures again.

First, we've been told in the past we're usually the only ones now going to bat for our customers regarding exclusives and the like with the suppliers of action figures. That's a shame. What used to be a truly good crop of competitors among Doctor Who merchandise specialists seems to be going full-bore toward the web site model of business, and we now frequently get customers saying they found us because they can't be loyal anymore to stores who refuse to give them customer service, even to the point of telling one customer it "annoyed" them now to deal with customer phone calls. I shake my head at that attitude. How else do you get a sense of what your customers want if you refuse to deal with them directly? How can you stand up for what customers want if you don't even want to listen to them? The answer is you can't. And, that's why the other traditional stalwarts in standing with customers to get us all what we deserve are seeing slack sales, and less of a voice in driving the market. I can only hope that changes, and hope our competitors will start listening again, so they can give suppliers the feedback they need to help us please all our customers.

For our part, we still want relationships with customers to last decades, not 30 seconds while they generate a web site order that charges boutique prices, isn't what they want or need, and has no human interaction.

But, this time, the supplier gave us some good news. On the direct basis of information Mike's Comics supplied them, they've apparently taken issues to the parent companies of the manufacturer and distributor, and are trying to work through them. The initial result is their decision to revisit three assortments of action figures released only in Britain in December. Of these, they are putting together at least one assortment to try to create a release for the US and North America that hadn't seen release here earlier. Stay tuned, but this is promising for the many collectors who told us they wanted figures they couldn't get recently, and it goes some way toward fixing the sad state of distribution that penalizes all customers with exclusives heaped one on another.

We care enough to try to get our customers the items they want, through licensed channels, at the right price. That never changes here. We're still grateful for your trust and the opportunities to continue doing that for all of you.

Thank you, as always, for your support.

---Michael and Patty
Mike's Comics