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Underground Toys

Often enough, we find situations where we struggle to get satisfaction for our customers.

However, we think we've just won one...for you customers and for us.

For some time, Underground Toys has given us all some strong concerns about how they treat the American market for Doctor Who toys and action figures. Exclusives that exclude us, selection that bewilders us, solicitations that just aren't accurate sometimes, and rarely give us enough advance notice to order properly, for you or for us.

And, today, we were given what seems like a way to address it.

Kelvin at Underground Toys USA just told me he is now in charge of handling "social media" for the company, and invites all customers to write him with comments and questions on FaceBook & Twitter! And, he recommends you mention that we sent you!

So, maybe a FaceBook post to the Underground Toys page might be something like this:
"Hey, Kelvin, Mike's Comics said to ask you here if we're ever going to see the Pyramids of Mars 4th Doctor, Straightjacketed 11th Doctor, or the Idris with 5 Psychic Cubes in the US...so, are we?"

A lot of you have talked to us...a lot!...asking when Underground Toys will address customer concerns. Or, will do it better. Or, will stop playing games with exclusives. And so on. Here, we've got an invitation for ALL customers to be heard. So, um, what are you waiting for?

Thank you, as always, for your support.

---Michael and Patty
Mike's Comics