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Upcoming Releases

After some small lag in the schedule, we're finally getting the Seeds of Doom figure sets sent out to us today, for estimated arrival around May 8th.

We're also getting a special offering of the River Song & Pandorica Chair. We're keeping to our original pricing, which nobody else even touched upon original release, and, again, we're not going to try to force you to buy anything else with it if you don't want more. We should also have these available around May 8.

For all of you who have already contacted Underground Toys and posted in FaceBook with comments and questions, THANK YOU!! For all you others who want more releases, and specific ones, they're the manufacturer...let them hear from you directly before they make their next decisions!

And, on that same note, tell them you want to have access to the 2012 SDCC figures without a year's delay! There's no reason for them to make items hard for you to get, and they tell us they will listen to your feedback. Let's give them the chance to put their promises into action!

Thank you, as always, for your support.

---Michael & Patty
Mike's Comics