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Sandy Aftermath

As many of you are finding out, we've had some issues in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, including power surges that have hurt some electrical equipment and computers, intermittent electric power and phone service. As I write this, we're told our long distance phone service should be restored in six hours or less, though phones have not been up consistently since 4PM EDT yesterday. With power out, we don't always have access to the internet, and are trying to do what we can to respond while we have power, and let folks know what's happened.

For some reason, picking up the phone has also caused disconnects. So, we're letting voice mail take messages for the moment on the main line, and are working through issues with the local phone company as we can.

For those of you who have left messages or had problems getting through...or had your calls dropped in the course of the day...thank you for your patience and understanding.

We will be making calls later, when we feel issues are resolved, and we can give each and all our customers the time they need to talk with us.

We did not get the worst of this storm, and there are many who are in far worse shape than we are. We're comparatively lucky, just dealing with this inconvenience, and, honestly, not worrying about losing power in an ice storm or arctic temps that would be dangerous. But, high winds more than rain have played havoc with local utilities in our area, and have done more to disrupt service than one might expect in an area supposedly able to cope with New England Winters.

As always, thank you for all your continued support!

Michael & Patty

Utilities seem to be almost normal...still a few phone problems now and again, but nowhere near the point where we're dropping the majority of calls, as we were last week.

The remaining casualties are to electrical equipment, some of which is being replaced, and is already on order, so we're hoping to have things back to normal in just a few more days, with almost everything essentially there already.

What we have done in the last few days is to process several substantial arrivals of new merchandise, and have shipped them all out. For example, the Sound FX Daleks Advance Ordered have all already shipped from here, as have all orders and re-orders of the Pyramids of Mars sets, many new books and audios.

We've also been fortunate to negotiate special pricing on the Bump-N-Go Cybermat, in advance of Holiday sales, and it's gratifying to see some folks have already found that and are taking advantage of the pricing. It's a great Holiday gift for some Doctor Who fans! Some of our competitors still seem to be charging above retail price on that one, $10-$25 more than our price in most cases, so, in the midst of all the complications of the last week, it's good still to be able to prove we routinely exceed others on staying competitive for our customers.