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Doctor Who Action Figures

Many of our customers have long been buying the Doctor Who action figures made on a 5" scale.

It's fair to say, after selling through hundreds of thousands of dollars just in this one small line of ours, the very loyal collectors who buy from us are deeply invested in what they have purchased. Some individuals are invested far in excess of US$10,000 each, and that's quite a show of dedication to something. You know we listen to our customers, and we try very hard to make certain their feedback never falls on deaf ears here.

When rumors, then manufacturer comments, started swirling around the internet some months ago about a shift from 5" to 3.5" or 3.75" scale on Doctor Who action figures, we started hearing some very vocal comments from our whole clientele about how this was only being done with real disrespect to their loyalties, rather than any practical need for improved quality. The roar of disapproval here was rather substantial. Figures from the new seasons of the series would be first, then it would extend to earlier seasons of the show. The basic idea of having a 5" Amy Pond looming over a Cyberman or a K-9 potentially with almost the same size and mass as a new Dalek means these scales are forever incompatible from the start, for those to whom these things will matter. But, it was all before there were reliable facts or pictures.

And, that's where we really tried hard to stop folks, in the spirit of fairness, and just tell them to wait. They had very valid reasons, and usually said they'd already decided a change in scale would forever end them spending on Doctor Who action figures, but, maybe, there might be reasons these would need to be done because the figures would somehow turn out better. And, despite having some of the sculptors among our clientele, themselves making comments about general concerns in shrinking to a smaller scale here, the real fact is a final product had to be seen to pass judgment one way or the other, at least about aesthetics.

Now, we are as aware as anyone that a prototype being shown somewhere may not even be an indication of what reaches store shelves. But, the fact of something made and displayed at Toy Fair 2013 is something factual to go on. We found one link to a photo at http://www.flickr.com/photos/thedoctorwhosite/8404895383/in/set-72157632587240926/ and you can see for yourselves what you think of this Cyberman. And, this is LiveJournal...feel free to comment here! That's why we have this account, to get some of your feedback, not just to pass along comment or news.

Finally, a few days ago, we got the first customer interest in the 3.75" scale figures...again, sight unseen. But, while that one customer doesn't counter-balance a customer list of thousands, many of whom have already declared antipathy to a scale change, even if all that changes is scale, it does at least show there is some market out there for a new scale, even if most feel, at worst, the 5" scale should continue alongside. Still, we're here to provide what our customers want. So, we ask you to decide and to comment here, or comment on the Underground Toys Facebook page. Does this figure meet your needs? Is it as good as a 5"-scale Cyberman? Is this something you'll spend your money on?

Usually, after all the shouting dies down from the rumor mill, and something real is in front of people, attitudes adjust. If 3.75" scale floats your boat, make it known. If you see 5" as the be-all and end-all for these figures, be heard and be counted! A business is nothing without its customers, and we are hoping you will each weigh in and tell us what we need to know about these proposed changes to the Doctor Who action figures in future.

Thank you, as always, for your support.

---Michael & Patty
Mike's Comics