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3.75" Assortment

As many of you know, we've continued receiving the new Doctor Who toy and action figure lines from Character Options and some related offerings, and have continued to live up to our commitment that when it comes time to actually set final prices, we have the lowest price in the USA, if not the world. We also reward our Advance Order customers with even lower pricing, when it's possible...so a discount even below the best pricing otherwise available is often passed along!

Late yesterday, we received the first new assortment of the 3.75" scale Doctor Who figures. Our regular pricing will be $9.50, and, unlike many competitors, we're not going to price gouge on certain pieces in the assortment just because some others think they should try to see if they can get away with it...it's YOUR money they're playing with! That's not our style, and our customers know this. Not to mention that every piece in the assortment is charged at the same wholesale price to all retailers, so why SHOULD we try to charge more for some than others?

But, as a Thank You for those who placed Advance Orders with us, we've processed all Advance Orders with a price of $8.99 on these figures. On the whole assortment, with no exceptions. If you're shopping around elsewhere, did you find the same pricing and the same treatment from our competitors? We looked for ourselves, and we don't find anyone to match it, and that's the way we like it. We think you do, too.

The 3.75"-scale Spin & Fly TARDIS also arrived yesterday, priced at $17.99. Again, look around and compare.

We're also expecting many new and re-issued figures and toys in the Doctor Who lines coming up on the 50th Anniversary of the show in November, 2013. Keep an eye on our web site for the upcoming offerings that have already been solicited to us, and for further updates!

What we seem to be hearing in recent months for some reason is our pricing isn't competitive. Well, we're actually hearing our competitors say this to some customers, then those same customers come and tell us, and we have a good laugh! In about a week, we'll be celebrating our 37th Anniversary in business, heading into our 38th year. The same commitment we felt was important on Day One is still important now. Our customers get the best treatment we can give them, and we understand we are nothing without you. The privilege of your custom should deserve the best treatment we can offer; that's how we always try to handle every order and every question.

Thank you, as always, for your support.

---Michael & Patty
Mike's Comics