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Newly arrived on our shelves are the latest releases of the monthly DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE and the accompanying intermittent DWM SPECIAL EDITION.

The current issue of the former is DWM#463, featuring a cover story about the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler and how the series 2005 relaunch might not ever have made it off the storyboards.


Other stories in issue 463 include:

* an interview with Bob Baker, one of the co-creators of the character of K-9, as well as his non-WHO works WALLACE & GROMIT and CHICKEN RUN…

* a feature on the Fourth Doctor television story “The Ark In Space”, penned by Robert Holmes…

* an opinion piece on whether The Twelfth Doctor should be a woman…

* the newest installment of the monthly DWM comic strip, titled “A Wing and a Prayer, Part Two”…

* and much more!


The Second Doctor and the catalogue of missing episodes and stories from his run on DOCTOR WHO are the focuses of DWM Special Edition #35.

This issue opens with an article of how many of those Second Doctor tales thought to have been lost forever have been recovered or restored through the process of “telesnaps” and reconstruction via audio soundtracks and animation.

Also included are panel-by-panel synopses of the stories “The Power of the Daleks”, “The Highlanders”, “The Underwater Menace”, “The Moonbase”, “The Macra Terror”, and “The Faceless Ones”, covering time spent with Second Doctor companions Ben Jackson, Polly Wright, and Jamie McCrimmon.

These magazines and other back issues can be found at http://mikescomics.com/MAGS2.html.

Thank you, as always, for your support.

----Michael & Patty
Mike's Comics