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5" Doctor Who Action Figure Releases

For those of you who know and care, which is many of you, you know Doctor Who action figures are sometimes a tad difficult to order in the US market. You know there's no good reason, and, I think it's fair to say, only a bunch of bad ones.

We were originally told we would be getting the Silver Nemesis Ace in early October, and are finally getting them here tomorrow. We delayed shipping the Time of the Doctor sets for those, but will be getting those out presently.

What's news to us today is the Asylum of the Daleks Collectors Set is actually available. It shouldn't be news. We asked after this set numerous times, even after hearing it wouldn't be coming to the US anytime soon. We never got solicitation materials, so can't even guess if others got them. We just found them already in the hands of a competitor.

Now...as to the word "available"...does this mean WE can order it? Well, it's on the distributor's price list, so we're ordering them. Unless that's shut down for some reason, we'll also be getting them. Better late than never. Stay tuned.

But, for those of you who we've already sent searching elsewhere, we can only apologize and explain we've gotten incorrect information yet again...many times over...and I can't honestly tell anyone why. We're trying. This should be as simple as asking, then receiving, then getting you what you want. We'll see what the suppliers are able to do for us at this point...so we can do what we should for so many of you!

[Edit November 5, 2014: We confirmed just now an initial allocated supply will ship to us immediately to cover Advance Orders of the Asylum of the Daleks set already on our system, and a little more. We also confirmed (A) solicitations didn't go out yet to the US for the set, (B) another retailer having these already in the US market is the recipient of a happy accident in their favor and nothing more...it shouldn't have gone out to them before today, and (C) the sales department of Underground Toys is aware their handling of this item did nobody any favors. We're hoping to see initial supplies now in under two weeks, and we appreciate your patience. Our price will be BELOW that charged by the other source who already has them in stock, as our price is ALWAYS BELOW their pricing. Your patience this time will be rewarded by continued savings.]

[Edit November 13, 2014: All but the most recent Advance Orders on this item are processed, shipped, in some cases delivered. The remainder of supplies is still in transit, with confirmed tracking of orders to be delivered within a few more days to fill all Advance Orders, including those placed in the last two days. Some orders, where it was possible, also got a free shipping upgrade on this item. There is still no solicitation material for the item, so supplies to other retailers are likely to be delayed still further. We understand now this was also listed in a wholesaler's magazine/catalogue, with suggested retail price on the order of $75.00. Our retail price, we believe, is lower than the wholesale price paid by retailers ordering from that source...who still have none of their supplies in hand.]

[Final? Edit November 21, 2014: Supplies were just received to allow us to finish processing all Advance Orders on this item, including those taken in the last two weeks. All those orders are processed, packed, and will ship with mail pickup tomorrow. Additional supplies are currently now available, with further supplies already on order.]

As always, thank you for your support.

Michael Salvo & Patty Cryan
Mike's Comics