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Price Gouging ... 'Tis The Season

The year 2015 has been a busy one for us. We've had to leave this blog to lie fallow longer than we'd have liked, but chose the priority of fighting to get more of the right products in our hands, and to keep our prices fiercely competitive. That competitive pricing of ours doesn't take a holiday during the Holidays, either!

But, of course, some of the corporate...and some of the not-so-corporate interests out there seem to think their customers become fish in a barrel to be shot at during this time of year.

Exclusives abound. Which, I suppose, works out to be good news for us, because, the exclusives being offered are now time-limited, and we tend to get things being called "exclusives" a little later, and save our customers a lot of money for their patience. Those foisting exclusives on their customers are paying for the privilege, and, in turn, pass along a healthy (or is that unhealthy?) price premium to their clientele. I suspect it's a mixed metaphor to say fish are paying through the nose.

There are also one or two competitors who are importing around the licenses...or so it would seem. They don't want to wait, think they're special, and think their customers are fish in their barrel. By doing so, they seem to feel their best customers are pretty happy to pay inflated prices. For example, we've received (and twice sold through supplies, and have more supplies already in transit) the Night Of The Doctor 8th Doctor figure, which we priced to everyone at $16.99. We can still get them to your door (as of the time I'm writing this) in time for Christmas. After seeing other prices out there, even dealers are flocking to buy at our prices...tells me we're doing something right. But, I'm not finding another seller with licensed product selling theirs within $5 of our price. On that item, so far, not one. Why? It's Christmas. And it's a time for...wait, don't tell me...fatter profits. No, no, that's not it, is it?

Seriously, if you like what we do and how we do it, support us by simply continuing to buy from us. That's not charity. It's custom. It's what we're supposed to be here to do. Every day of the year. Our prices don't change because the wind blows, or blows harder in some areas of the world this time of year. (If anything, in gratitude to our customers, we really have tried harder to sharpen our pencils and come up with lower prices for the Holiday season.) Just keep coming by. Buy when it's right, and tell others about us. We're about halfway through our 40th year in business, and we don't exist because we drove folks away. We're here because the value proposition, respecting our customers, is what's right.

Seeing a host of competitors out there now, though...sheesh! Guys, if you're going to price as high as you have on some of these figures, at least give your own customers free shipping. We're still going to cost less for most after we add in appropriate shipping charges (which are free on some media orders from us, too!), but at least when you shoot yourselves in the foot this Holiday season, and make these the last purchases those customers will ever want to make with you, it'll look less like you used military hardware to do it! Buyer's remorse usually goes with long memories. For the corporate giants who are offering free shipping...catch your breath and ask what that means about their price if they can afford to do that. You're still paying for the shipping charges somewhere, and just because they bundled it into the price of the item doesn't guarantee a good value.

So, the Holiday season is upon us. We're going to prove we want your business, today, this year, and forever into the future, by NOT trying to take advantage unfairly. Remember us when you're looking for the kinds of merchandise we sell, and your wallet will thank you for it into the coming year.

As always, thank you for your support.

Michael Salvo & Patty Cryan
Mike's Comics