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'Tis again the season....

We're hearing there's a new 13th Doctor figure available.

We are actually aware the US distributor expects to receive such things at some point in time.

We've been given some reason to expect we will actually be receiving those figures on release, though there's nothing in writing, and, with this line of products, we continue to tell people nothing is definite until it's in our hands. (But, we're still taking Advance Orders, and any enhanced pricing discounts will go to those who get us advance orders before the figures arrive here.)

We're expecting to hear something soon. Please keep an eye on our web site, as we'll give an update there if we're aware of new items becoming available.

As always, thank you for your support.

Michael Salvo & Patty Cryan
Mike's Comics
Tags: 13th doctor, action figures, doctor who, underground toys
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