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Change, m'dear!

Well, change happens.

Roads where we live, roads where we keep these offices and warehouse, the parking lot for the storefront of our other business (see anniesbooksworcester.com) and soon (we're told) its facade, and a major thoroughfare (Route 9) that goes length-wise across the whole state of Massachusetts, are all undergoing major repairs and, we have to hope, upgrades. Some of these roads, we've heard, haven't been so much as repaved since at least 1953, perhaps earlier, and the need to have this work done was rather pressing and important...and it had to happen sometime.

What that sometimes will mean is roads and lots are literally impassible to traffic, and anything near it will be shunted quite far out of its way.

In the long run...perhaps very soon...this will give us much-needed enhancement to our area. With the Boston Red Sox AAA farm team moving just a couple of miles down the road to a new stadium (currently under construction) in just a few years, this is entirely timely.

For now, there are days where we're literally stopped in a jumble of cars for thirty minutes while people directing traffic make it safe to go forward again...or go backward. Things take our busy days and may make us slower to respond.

But, as you know, if you're already our customer, we do respond and with complete answers for you. For now, we hope you'll understand if we're kept out of the office for extended amounts of time, simply where the road surfaces for the next three weeks or so (we hope it's limited to that!) undergo the transformation they need!

As always, thank you for your support.

Michael Salvo & Patty Cryan
Mike's Comics
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